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21 Aug 2018


Introduction from our newest facilitator of the Temple of Venus Genetrix, Jessica Marie:

So, I’d like to begin this post by saying that I am so grateful for all of the blessings, healing, love, and miracles that have made their way into my life. Let me tell you what’s been happening.

My dreams are coming true, in realtime… my deepest desires hidden and locked away within my heart are now manifesting, in the physical. Dreams that I have had, that I thought were nothing but my unconscious mind, are materializing infront of my very eyes.

Dreamtime = Realtime. I’ve¬†aligned myself with the Heart of the Great Beloved, the Cosmic Heart, Galactic Love. As I surrendered to the Divine Flow, to Love, to the Universal Heartbeat, The veil that exists between reality and my dreams has been torn. At each and every moment, I feel my being ascending into the gentle arms of Divine Love.

I have done the shadow work, which in turn made my vessel a channel for Universal Love, Consciousness, and Life Force, and have found myself in a Trinity, a Conduit, between the Hearts of Divine Mother (Gaia) and Divine Father (Galactic Central Sun). As I’ve cleared my vessel to prepare for this great Love, it has brought me into the fold of a “oneness,” and a love I’ve never experienced in this lifetime… and I remember now.

I’ve joined together with some incredible and brilliant women – truly Divine Feminine. Together we are cocreating the deepest desires of our heart, to be the facilitators of the deep healing and unification of humanity for unconditional love and liberation for every being.

It brings me great joy to announce that I am now a facilitator for Holy Synergia, an online expression of a living temple Venus Genetrix. It is in PERFECT alignment with my mission, which is utilizing Universal Law to bring Divine Balance back to the masculine and feminine energies of Earth (the alchemization of the individual and collective unconscious of humanity), and bring them into Divine Union with one another.

We are offering an array of services both online and in person, from individual healing to ceremonies and retreats, from kundalini awakening, chakra work, and tantra, to shamanic ceremonies, sexual alchemy, and destiny/compatibility oracle readings from the ancient Tzolkin, we have something for everyone. This community is open to ALL peoples of all cultures, traditions, and faiths. Welcome home, humanity. We LOVE you!

Jessica Marie

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