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08 Aug 2018


Recently I and 8 other people had a meet up campout and water healing ceremony. We went to Rickett’s Glen waterfalls trail and spent the night in eastern Pennsylvania in the small town of Benton. We had IET attunements provided by David Aronson, a yoga class facilitated by Dom Roberts and a Water healing workshop and ceremonial fire facilitated by Kyleigh Mituzas. Our youngest camper was 6 and he had a great time and kept up with the adults. These retreats are family friendly.

Here are a few image highlights of our trip.


Taking a rest

Trish at the waterfall

Tent camping

David doing attunements on Carla

David doing the attunements on Clifford

Ethan, Gabe and Elizabeth at the falls trail

David smiling

Kyleigh and Joe Retreat Facilitators

Carla with root of a tree that had fallen

Camping and fire

Our littlest camper, Gabriel

Dom and Gabe, He finally wore himself out.

Joe and Dom, friends sharing a moment around the fire

Group Shot

Workshop content

I never understood prayer before a meal because they were giving glory to a god who didn’t buy the food or cook the food. But it’s more like an opportunity to imbue and bless with protection the sustenance that you take into your body.

If we talk about the living waters or body of Christ as a sacrament we are sympathetically creating protection and atonement with a savior by ingesting something that has been transformed symbolically and ends up being a spiritual experience for some.

Then you have the ancestors or guides or entities that help you and to leave an offering you imbue it with a blessing and create an intention to be left as food or drink for the help that you receive. You can aid your body in the same way.

1) Realize water is medicine. Prayer When Drinking Water As I receive this water and it flows through me, May it become medicine dispelling all ills, May it become medicine revealing the wisdom within and through out. I offer apology for any harm done through wrong speech & action As this water flows through me and becomes vapor, May it purify the atmosphere May it nourish the wisdom potential in the people I offer apology for any harm done through wrong speech & action As this water flows through me, and returns to the water table May it remove the impurities of chemicals placed within the water May the water be made new again May this water become medicine for all beings in this and all worlds

2) When people are without enough water, go outside, preferably to a place where there has been a spring. If the spring has dried up go to that spring and stand near it and look to the east and hold either a gourd, cup or glass full of water, up to the sky and say:

Prayer To Bring Water

Thank you for this gift of life
Thank you for the gift of water
We appreciate this water that you have given
Now the earth is dry and the trees are crying,
Please accept our offering of this water
Please accept our apology for any harm done through wrong speech & action

• Pour some water on the ground.
• Then, turn around and in each direction
• Take four steps forward and repeat this prayer.
• Step four steps back and turn to the next direction.
• Repeat the prayer; doing this until you have prayed to all four directions.

3) This level is done at night to see and hear the sounds of those who are crying. Pour fresh water in a special glass that you use just for the purpose of this practice. Before going to sleep go to each corner of your bedroom and offer a bit of smudge, incense, or smokeless incense. To each corner of the room make this offering prayer:

May what is outgrown become compost for the wisdom seed to flourish and grow
May what is outgrown become compost for the wisdom seed to flourish and grow
May what is outgrown become compost for the wisdom seed to flourish and grow
Take the glass of water to the window holding it up so you can see the moon; or if it is not visible hold it up, saying;

This water, may it become medicine to benefit all beings
May this water be a mirror that reveals all

• Sip the water
• Put it beside your bed and as you are lying in bed review the day
• Look at, how did I listen to others? Did I respect the people I met today?
• See above you the light and bring it into your heart and central pathway

The task in the dreamtime is to be able to raise your hands to the sky. This may take some time. What is significant in the dream body is to be able to raise your hands. Then you have awakened the awareness of the illusory body and the body of light. Through doing so you may benefit others through the dedication of your actions and the manifestation of ever more skillful methods. This awakening is also to bring rain. Once you get your hands up in the air in the dream body, then you invite the rain to fall in gentle ways to nourish the seeds of wisdom in the people. Pray for the sweet waters to flow to give the people all they need. When you wake up give thanks that another day has come, that the sun rises again, and hold the water up to the sun, giving thanks for this medicine:

May this water flow through me as medicine
May it return to the atmosphere as medicine
May it return to the earth as medicine
How we receive water is very precious because water is the gift of life


Gnostic Matriarchal Bishop, Templar Priestess, Energetic Therapist, Activist, and Interior Temple Decorator, Intentions Based Logo and Graphic Designer, Astrology and Tarot Consultant, Sacred Rites Facilitator and Practitioner.

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