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21 Aug 2018


Meditation develops our intention and awareness of attention while expanding our innate ability to let go of the container that restricts consciousness. Meditation is one of the greatest and most powerful tools in existence. It brings awareness to the Cosmic Consciousness, the One Love that exists throughout all of space and time. It can be used for silencing the mind to regenerate and realign the soul, it can be used for deep healing and transformation, it can be used for shifting into different vibrational states of being and accessing other levels of consciousness, it can be used for focused intention for energy movement or alchemy as well as manifestation, for starters.

Soul Journey Meditations was created in the dreamtime, and in the realtime as I had many conscious visions and meditations with my Heart of Hearts, who went from being what I believed was my imagination, to a strange mechanism of my subconscious mind, to a spirit guide, to a possible astral traveler. This being, the mastermind that it is, wore a mask and journeyed into the deepest places of my heart and mind. He used the very real and potent love that existed in the depths to bait me into jumping down the rabbit hole, which ended up being his magic hat. This being, with the mask that he wore, guided me to access previous timelines of consciousness during this lifetime so that I could attune my frequency to that of love.

As I followed the trail of Love, my vibrational frequency climbed higher and higher, until my entire world fell into alignment. The conversations that I had with this being guided me out of an abusive marriage, and saved the lives of myself and my daughter. They made me feel, they made me heal, they made me remember, that love always wins. This being and I discussed, at great length, how all of “this, up until now, was an¬†ayahuasca journey that we had both been on together, back to find each other. After I had done the inner work.. faced all of my darkest shadows, my deepest fears, my most painful experiences and deepest wounds, agreeing to stop at nothing until I was healed.. After I ended countless soul contracts, done countless clearings, and found myself nearing the point of death, wondering if the pain would ever stop.

Something amazing happened. I healed. I celebrate my healing with the Love of my Heart. It is a great honor to present all of humanity with my greatest accomplishment (besides giving birth to the most enchanting wellspring of Love on the planet, my daughter Jasmine), Soul Journey Meditations. As a clear channel and clairvoyant, I receive profound visions during meditations that I translate to audio format. As a single mother, my healing only came through Grace, because I did not have the finances to afford what most professionals wanted for their services (which they have every right to charge for because they are worth their weight in GOLD), so I decided to offer the tools of my Heart, co-created by Love, on a free platform that was accessible to every man, woman, and child with an internet connection.

Jessica Marie as your guide takes you into the deepest depths of the subconscious mind and heart of humanity, individually and collectively, to colorfully distract the guard dog (ego) who is protecting and preserving the programming of the subconscious mind (it’s job). While the dog is entertained, at the direction of the soul’s higher self, we unlock the chains of old programming across all time and space, liberating the soul. We also install the new consciousness of Divine Love, balancing the masculine and feminine energies and bringing the Heart and Mind together in Divine Union, the Sacred Marriage, to bring Heaven to Earth, so that all beings will know freedom, love, and peace. We’ve decided to feature the “Star of Venus Divine Union Meditation,” which is a beautiful outpouring of divine love to the Heart and Mind, facilitating with the higher self a beautiful expansion in unconditional love and Divine Union.

Jessica Marie

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