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23 Feb 2017


Date: Feb 22 Sign: Pisces 7 Body Part: Anklebone (Right) Sabian Symbol: 337 – ILLUMINATED BY A SHAFT OF LIGHT, A LARGE CROSS LIES ON ROCKS SURROUNDED BY SEA AND MIST. Rune: Nauthiz Tarot: Empress Power Chakra: Ajna chakra or the forehead chakra will be projected from 30 degrees to the NW. Gender/Polarity: Feminine (-) House: 12th Quads: Mutable Direction: West Planet: Jupiter (-) /Neptune AT: Projection MP: WNC Season: Winter Tetragrammaton: VHHY — Air Water Earth Fire — Air on water, earth of fire. Frequency: 7.439 Wavelength: 403 Energy: 3.0166eV Color: #8300c0 World: Briah Element: Water Place: Mother Hebrew Letter: He  Enochian Table: Blue


A candle burning. There is a ring of salt around it on the floor. Spirit is well preserved from becoming untrue. It is held within its own matrix, and granted a pure and wonderfully veiled atmosphere and feeling tone and sphere to stay within. From this place spirit can empower itself to be whole, to commune, to remember, and to conceive. You are given what you need, and a specially-granted timing grace to be ushered through the world in a guided tour that leads only to the temples and the marvels that are here. However, all of this happens inside, deep inside. The outside situation may believe the inward experience. But here what seems in the moment is as nothing, and what is really there between the lines and through the cracks is everything. This is a domain set apart for special purposes, projects, and endeavors, and is the perfect retreat for one who wishes to remain in touch with the living spirit, who wishes never to forget what it is that stands under the phenomenal world and keeps the eternal flame burning without a flicker.


Carista Invocation

May there be Peace in this house.

(Response: “May there be peace in this house!”)

Peace can be a hard mistress.

The daily round of the ordinary,

The simple turn of day and night and day

The presence of the same souls

Can come to be like a shadow on the sun,

And yet Peace still demands

That we find a way to move past

That ordinariness

And all the thousand thorns and briars

And bring Peace into the house.

(Response: “May there be peace in this house!”)

Take the hand of your sister, your brother,

The one who shares your roof, your table,

The ground you walk on,

Whose feet know the boards as well as your own,

And swear to find a way

To bring peace into the space between you.

(Response: “May there be peace in this house!”)


My brother, my heart, my sister, my soul;

My family, my life, come in from the cold;

My sister, my heart, my brother, my soul;

My family, my life, that makes this life whole.

(Instead of a ritual, this period of time should be used to mediate and address problems between members of the community, with emphasis on peacemaking and compromise and useful solutions. At the end of the meeting, all share cakes and tea.)

Source: Pagan Book of Hours Asphodhel Tradition – Carista Invocation

Novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots – Day 1 

1. Make the sign of the cross

2. Recite Prayer: Oh my God I am heartily sorry for having offended you. I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of Heaven and the pains of Hell. But most of all, because I offended you, oh my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve, with the help of your grace, to confess my sins, to do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.

3. Make the meditation of the day

4. Finish with the Prayer to Our Lady the Undoer of Knots

Meditation for Day 1

Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Dearest Divine Mother, Great Liberating Mother, you undo the knots that suffocate your children, extend your merciful hands to me. I entrust to You today this knot….and all the negative consequences that it provokes in my life. I give you this knot that torments me and makes me unhappy and so impedes me from uniting myself to You and The Rising Sun.

I run to You, The Veiled Mother    Undoer of Knots because I trust you and I know that you never despise a child who comes to you unfettered. I believe that you can undo this knot because the light of God grants you everything. I believe that you want to undo this knot because you are my Mother. I believe that You will do this because you love me with eternal love. Divine Mother.

Great Mother, Undoer of Knots, pray for me. The one who seeks grace, finds it in Isis’s hands.

Hear my plea.  Keep me, guide me, protect me, o safe refuge!

Holy Virgin, Undoer of Knots, pray through me

Virgin ISIS, White Queen (Queen of Heaven), Mother of fair love (Aphrodite), Mother who never refuses to come to the aid of a child in need, Mother whose hands never cease to serve your Beloved because they are moved by the Divine Love and immense Mercy that exists in your heart. Cast your compassionate eyes upon me and see the snarl of knots that exist in my life.

Great Knower, You know very well my desperation.  I am, my pain and how I am bound by these knots. I want it removed from me. Isis, Great Mother to whom God entrusted the undoing of the knots in the lives of Your Holy Children, I entrust into your hands the ribbon of my life. No one, not even the evil one, can take it away from your precious care. In your hands there is no knot that cannot be undone.

Powerful Mother, by your grace and intercessory powered by the birth of the Sun, the Light, and My Liberator, take into your hands today this knot…I beg you to undo it for the Glory (Hod/Mercury) of God, once for all, You are my only Hope. Lock it in Her box.

O my Lady, you are the only consolation given to me. The fortification (fornication) of the my feeble (humble) strength, the enrichment of my destitution and with the freedom from my chains. Hear my plea O Divine Mother. Keep me, guide me, protect me, O safe refuge! Holy Mother, Undoer of Knots and entanglements, Pray through me (Rise in me).

An adaptation from “Mary Undoer of Knots Novena”

Original Day 1 Novena

In Nomine Babalon 156 Adorations to the Goddess ♤ Psalms CXXVIII

Come forth my lady, take the form of smoke. Goddess of passion, thee, thee I invoke. O Divine Whore, hear my incantations! I raise up the cup and adore Babalon!


Commentary:  The whole patriarchal system seems to be scapegoating and suggesting that the sin of Eve – that death and sin that was brought to man – the great virgin mother redeems. When we are judged and in the Mercy seat through death or as we evolve and grow in the Garden of Eden we feed and raise the fortitude of our light within our daily thoughts, actions and emotional state.

When we pray or seek sacredness, we are asking to be a vessel and remove our blemishes that make us unfit to hold space for something so holy. So when we ask for penance and removal of our stains, we are asking to let these negations of emotions that make us black to be removed so that we can be clear channels. This catharsis, the sacred bath and removal of anything that troubles us or keeps our vessel from being pure. Maybe this same idea can be found in the practice of confession in the sacred box or via head washings or baptism – but that is another post in itself.

We have to raise our vibration with the rising sun and be a pure channel so that the holy fluid or spirit can drown us, submerge us and let us be purified and redeemed. To be one of pure heart… to be humble when we pass through the Mouth of the Womb – the Abyss.

Some suggest that the black color of the Madonnas represent something archetypal and unexpressed in Christianity. Black represents the Death Mother (Sophia/Lady Death/Santa Muerte), the Crone, the Shadow Self. In Catholic countries, black is usually associated with magic and Black Madonnas are considered to be possessors of hermetic knowledge and magic, as well as more powerful in manifesting miracles.

In the Aramaic language of Jesus, black means “sorrowful.” Some believe the Madonna is represented as black, because of her sorrowful grief over her son. Christianity even has a name for this Crone aspect of the Madonna – the Pieta. Many scholars believe the Black Madonnas were originally the statues of Isis, who sorrowed for her lover, Osiris. The cult of Isis was extremely popular at the time of Christ. Later, in the sixth century, a very popular temple of Isis at Philae was rededicated to Mary.

There are many plausible explanations for the Black Madonna, but the most likely is the Christian religion adopting and assimilating the variety of cultures and customs it converted. The Judeo-Christian sky god religion is the singular dogmatic religion that has only one prominent female and the Christian clergy fought desperately to not allow her to be prominent, holy, or on par with the male god-figures. After millenias of having pantheons of powerful goddesses, it is inevitable for the many faces of the Goddess to appear in the one channel allowed – Mary. Whether this has historical or archetypal roots doesn’t matter.  The Black Madonna – Sophia’s Children

The Path of the Shekinah

I pulled the Empress as my card for the day and this lead me down the path of the Shekinah – The path of the Dove and the Good Serpent.

The Path of the Shekinah – Binah Daath Tipharet – From the Path of the Empress to The Lovers Tipharet.

  • 3. Binah – Chokhmah: The Empress
  • 6. Binah – Tiferet: The Lovers

The tarot attribution of the Empress depicts the powerful forces of life in motion. The natural impulse of this path is from Hod to Yesod, whereas we are seeking to develop against the flow, in the opposite direction to the lightning flash, and progress from Yesod to Hod. It follows that the discrimination of Malkuth and the independence of Yesod are very necessary to attempt this stage. The vital energies of life flow down into the receptacle of the emanations, the form-giving Yesod, and on this path the keyword might well be “vitality”. It brings to the body the vital energies of Hod.

It is clear that we need clear heads in order to keep above the rushing waters of vitality shown on the tarot card. We learned under Hod when discussing the Sephiroth that this Sephira is concerned with classification, arrangement and communication. This is the work of step three. To this may be added analysis, showing yet again the importance of discrimination. We need to consider all that we have discovered about ourselves and our world, and all that we are learning still, and relate each to the other and ourselves, using the framework of the Tree of Life as our guide, until we have established a certain stability of thought and approach, which is to become symbolized by the Emperor in stage four.

We may think here of the vital energies referred to in relation to the etheric body. This body has been called the vital body, and the “powerhouse‘” behind our physical manifestation. We may now begin to realize that there is a continuous interplay of energies between all of the Chakras or Sephiroth, and also a giving and resolving of vital energy to and from our environment and other people, so that the “astral light” is the medium via which these energies are transmitted from place to place.

Some people have an instinctive understanding of such forces, and are able in some measure to take advantage of others, and rob them of vitality. This may well be the basis of “vampire” legends, but in general is much simpler to deal with than by running around with wooden stakes and mallets. The simplest way to deal with such a problem is, not surprisingly, to remove ourselves from the presence of whoever it is that is affecting us in this way. Even so, the following comments should be noted.

Such activity takes place through the solar plexus centre, provided that the body is “open” to it. As the body is a complete circuit in itself, we may be able to protect ourselves against unwanted loss of energy (which some people can feel draining away via this centre) by closing the circuit to outside influence, making it self-contained. This is done by ensuring that the feet and hands are together, touching or clasped (or arms folded).

If the feeling of loss persists, or is particularly severe, it will help to contract the muscles around the solar plexus, the muscles of the abdomen, and temporarily to hold the breath. The breath should be held where it is, that is to say, do not breathe in or out, but simply halt the breathing process wherever it is at the time. It is difficult for energy to drain away under these circumstances, though it must be said that this method is not infallible, and may not work for everyone.

Such vitality loss is not necessarily due to the behavior of others, and can be due to a simple dissipation of energy on the part of the sufferer – probably the most common cause, though we all no doubt know of people who “drain” us, and whom we instinctively avoid. It will be appreciated that knowledge of these things is gained by observation and experience – as is knowledge of anything. (There is a difference between knowledge and information). To be of use, information must be arranged, related to other information, and communicated. In stage three we learn to do this for ourselves.

Maiden – wisdom – passed down from mother – Eve (Binah) – Hidden Death – Sophia Garden Gate Tender or Lady Death (Daath —the door – the mouth – the hidden gate) Through birth/pain sets in the Mercy Seat (Geburah) – Birth or Rising of the Sun (Tipharet) – then through the knowledge of HOD finds Yesod (foundation or support) then bares it through her vagina or Cave of Earth (Malkuth) and spirit returns in physical death, trial or purification by the Flaming Sword, Baptismal Waters of Rebirth, Purified by Fire, Death by Burial. 4 worlds wishing the middle pillar and path of the zain/chayot.

It Is deserving of it’s own article as well. But holding sacred space as the hidden pillar – the path of Binah or Daath – Inner Wisdom. The Path of the Empress is a vital role as the vessel of pure light… being in the Mercy Seat for lack of a better word.


Gnostic Matriarchal Bishop, Templar Priestess, Energetic Therapist, Activist, and Interior Temple Decorator, Logo and Web Developer for Virtual Environments. Sustainable Technology Consultant.

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