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Nations Elders and Peacekeepers coming together in Mesa, Arizona at the Soul Center
30 Mar 2019

Mayan Sixth Sun Galactic Portal Installation and Mystery School Consecration

According to Mayan legend we are entering the time of the sixth sun.

In the international / intertribal “American Indian” way of figuring, the years flow not in straight lines but in cycles.  There are 52 years to each cycle.  One hundred cycles of years or 5,200 years is an Epoch or World or Sun.  This is an approximate measure.  From our perspective in the Earth, the stars move in cycles and must be in alignment for the next Epoch to begin.  For this reason, there will be a number of “empty years” at the end of an Epoch.  By the position of the Earth in relation to the stars, December 21, 2012 marked not only the beginning of a new Epoch cycle but also the completion and beginning of a greater cycle of 26,000 years or five Epochs, Worlds or Suns.

By the way, December 21, 2012 may have been the end of the Mayan Calendar, an ancient calendar marking the passage of four Epochs, but the ancient Cherokee calendar marks the passage of seven Epochs and continues on for at least another 10,400 years.  The Epoch just past was the Epoch of the Heron.

Source: http://www.northerncherokeenation.com/the-sixth-sun-has-risen.html

We were recently invited to attend a gathering to help sanctify a healing center with the the sixth activation station portal in Mesa, Arizona. We came in support of a friend and speaker, co-founder Jessica Marie, and Jose Munoz.

Jessica Marie and Jose Munoz

Jessica Marie, Galactic Calendar Tlokien Wisdom keeper and Jose Munoz – Mayan Calendar Daykeeper

The ancient Maya possessed an extraordinary aptitude for creating intricate and intermeshing time cycles. Time was a way of being to them, and they revered each day as a gift from the heavens. The Maya were arguably the most sophisticated timekeepers in human history, and to this day Mayans assign special “daykeepers” to track time in order to assure abundance, direction, and security. Jose has written about his visions and past life and memories in his book and he is educating people on the Mayan Sixth Sun Calendar. Jose is also a Mayan daykeeper from Guatemala.  Read more.

Jose Munoz

Mayan Daykeeper Jose Munoz with ripped pants from his hard work erecting the dreamcatcher

I had the privilege of meeting Jose initially at Neotribal Festival in Goodyear, Arizona a few years prior and to facilitate a Sacred Cacao ceremony with him at Love Long Beach Festival in California a few years ago. His message moved me and I felt like I had known in him a previous life and his message of the children of the stars and his mission resonated closely with visions that I have had.

Nations Elders and Peacekeepers

Nations Elders and Peacekeepers coming together to setup a mystery school in Mesa, Arizona at the Soul Center

The Stars and Planets – Our Ancient Calendars

I have been obsessed with calendars for a while and have been following a solar and lunar system. The solar system is based on the zodiac wheel and the sun and the lunar galactic calendar is based on the cycle of the moon and the planet Venus. I am full of gratitude to be able to share sacred space with these people who came from different cultures and tribes to dedicate their energy and come together to share wisdom with all peoples for the generations to come. This activation station is important for the ancient future to come together in a rainbow bridge of universal love.

Depending upon which scientific discipline is reporting, the Maya had from three to seventeen calendars. According to Grandfather Cirilo, the Maya kept twenty calendars for various purposes, but many were destroyed during the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth century. Because the Mayans base all of their calendars on a vigesimal system (i.e., multiples of twenty) and frequently refer to the sacred significance of the numbers twenty and thirteen (they say there are twenty digits and thirteen joints in the human body), it would make most sense to say that the Maya used twenty different but interrelated calendars.

There are also empowerment zones in the body, the land and the stars. These energy portals are also important to me in the energy work that I do. I have been to many sacred places in the world and felt the energy in the ley lines and have worked with various power point zones. One of my roles is to create bridges and use ancient calendars to determine when rites of passage or ceremonies should be held. This specific dates of the event and alignment and full moon marked the occasion in harmony with my efforts as well.

Archaeologists commonly refer to a calendar that was shared by all Mesoamerican cultures, the haab calendar, used primarily for bookkeeping and agrarian purposes. This is a solar year system of 360 days divided into an eighteen-month, twenty-day cycle. Because the solar year is longer than 360 days, five days have been inserted between the end of one 360-day cycle and the beginning of another. The earth-pleiades cycle is 365 days – Read more.

Earth-Pleiades Cycle: 52 x 365.256363 = 18993.33088 days

Earth-Venus Cycle: (52 x 365) – 2.6 = 18977.4 days

18993.33088 – 18977.4 = 15.930876 days

The Egyptians and Sumerians also used a 360 day cycle and I broke this into four seasons of four elements, 30 days in each sign or house and realized that each day had a specific vibration or frequency in correlation with the position of the stars and planets.

This period, called the wayeb, has been synchronized with the celebrations of the Catholic Holy WeekThis time also marks the change from the dry season to the rainy season. Although the wayeb is considered unlucky or hellish by some Maya, it is also a period of renewal, celebration, chaos, rituals of sacrifice, and ornate, lengthy processions that stream through the streets of Guatemalan towns and villages. By end of the wayeb on resurrection Sunday, a typical Mayan is depleted from all the celebrations, with energy remaining only for reflection and gratitude that this intensity will not happen for another year.

The Maya also use a sacred daily calendar, commonly called the tzolkin calendar, to deepen their connection to the divine nature of the universe and assist them with the inherent challenges of life. The tzolkin is a 260-day divinatory calendar that is based on the cycles of the Pleiades, the “heart of the heavens,” as described in their creation story, the Popol Vuh, and in generations of elders’ storytelling. In the Popol Vuh the people pledge to honor each day because each day is a deity. This is why the tzolkin calendar has been in continual use over the millennia. It does not exist in a written form, but has been passed down through generations in the oral tradition.

A tzolkin consists of a cycle involving twenty day signs and thirteen numbers, each of which represents a sacred, archetypal energy. Each day is signified by a glyph that represents the lord (deity) of the day in the form of plant, animal, ancestor, or force of nature. Numbers are created using a place rotation system, which combines only three symbols – eggs, dots, and lines to represent the numerical form of the most important gods and goddesses. These are the sacred “number beings” that influence the twenty “lords of the day.” Together each glyph and number creates a frequency that harmonizes with the universe. Working together like two cogged gears, the twenty day signs intermesh with the thirteen numbers, presenting a new combination each day (see image below).



When I was working through the calendar I also invoked various deities to show respect for each deity that corresponded to that day. Since every individual is born on one of these days, the glyph and number combination of your day of birth becomes your “day sign” (also known as “sacred sun sign”). This is the energy you carry in your heart, reflecting your intention for being in this lifetime and your soul’s purpose. It is your sacred watermark of creation. So this enacts the time of being in service or to work from the heart – follow your heart tugs!

Human Design and Galactic Calendar are Joining Forces

Sabine Messner

During Sabine Messner – Using the Human Design with Soul Activation – asking a member of the audience to share a comment with all who attended. Showing Unity within the Rainbow tribe.

Other speakers like Sabine Messner who uses the Human Design system to encourage others to join in alignment to your soul’s purpose. I really liked her delivery and message. She was gracious enough to donate three Soul Activation’s revenue to support the purchase of supplies to construct the Dreamcatcher Activation Station. This was so moving to see others give to see this project through. She also showed sisterhood and her dedication. I appreciate everything she contributed and it was noticed. To learn more about Sabine and the services that she provides in helping others with their soul purpose activation, check out her website.

The Mayan Codices

The key to using the tzolkin is to know the Mayan deities. Our chief sources for this pantheon are codices written in the Mayan hieroglyphic script. Although many of these texts were destroyed by the Spaniards, a few survive today. All Mayan deities personify some aspect of the natural world, such as childbirth, prey and predator, climate changes, elements, seasons, and time segments. These deities may be called upon to “inhabit” the body and soul at times of pivotal life experience, including rites of passage, traveling, and giving advice. Even ordinary activities such as weaving at the loom or working in the fields are believed to have greater potential when blessings from the right deity are requested.

Setting up glyphs for sixth sun calendar

Setting up glyphs for sixth sun calendar

We gathered with elders and sacred people from all walks of life to clear this space and set it up for posterity of a new generation of humankind and galactic peoples. Jose is on a challenge to erect 144 sacred portals across the globe. The festivities started with an opening ceremony to call the directions and sanctify the space for ceremonies and the body of people that attended and participated. I did enjoy several of the discussions. Joses, Sabine Messner with the Human Design and Jessica Marie who explained the Galactic Calendar.

Eddie and Jessica Marie at Dreamcatcher Festival

Eddie and Jessica Marie at Dreamcatcher Festival

Eddie Hinsley was there in support and service with his beautiful sacred jewelry and I witnessed him stepping into service, volunteering and lending a hand without having to be asked. He is a fine representative of the divine masculine in the community and holds space and is a joy to be in company with and conversation. Thank you for everything you did for my husband and I last week. We are both very grateful to you.

Shuni and Jose

Shuni and Jose with Calendar Glyphs

Shuni Giron, pictured above with Jose, is a High Priestess, Shamanic Plant Healer, Mayan Ajq’iij & Spiritual Guide & Naturopathic Medicine. She facilitated and lead the fire ceremony to raise the energy to open the Dreamcatcher. I did not get an opportunity to sit with Shuni while I was there. But I look forward to getting to know her. Thank you for your service.

One of my roles is creating and consecrating sacred empowerment zones or portals. The body of light is created by the people and the light of the universal source is inside every person. Every person and thing in this world is sacred. Everything is energy and has a purpose. I was glad to see so many different cultures represented. We were all at this event to help in creating a sacred space.


Weaving for peace and the ancient future

I was happy to join with others to move and clear wood, to help remove an old fireplace, set up tents, and stack wood that would be used in sacred fires – while doing this work it is important to remember why you are here and what you are doing it for. I feel that our work is also found in the work that we do from an open heart. I got to work with some amazing Brothers and Sisters to get ready for the event. I was excited to be apart of this momentous occasion.

But after working a few hours before the event, I was thirsty and walked across the street to a Dairy Queen and made the mistake of bringing back a milkshake and slushy with ice cream.

I did not know that by doing this I was participating in what one attendee considered “cow rape”. It really was not my intention to disrespect the center by doing this. But I am at the age where I am an adult and if I am thirsty I will consume what I want to drink. I did not know that I would be attacked for this. I will not apologize for being an omnivore, but please know that it was not intentional form of disrespect. For future events it would be nice to see a sign that says no outside food or drink allowed or a sign about the rules of the healing center for all out of town guests, so that those who may not know of the buildings rules or choices are let known in a kind way. This way no one is hurt unintentionally and comments and situations can be avoided.

Supplies Come Through

Pouring cement

Monica Patton Pouring Cement with other builders at the erection of an activation station

There were many speakers who came to share information about the Aztec and Mayan Calendars as well as others discussing ways to come into alignment and service. Many of the discussions were from experts in the field of health. The discussions ranged from keeping with the calendars to know when to plant and harvest with intentions to how to make better choices in our bodies and the importance of using plants as sacred food and medicine.

The message for the future according to the Mayan Sixth Sun Calendar, was about how we can live in service so there is no suffering, because when we aren’t in service or living to our highest purpose, there will be continued suffering. If  we are in our highest alignment then we attract and live with intention and want for nothing. We were given a date of when we should be living in service of May 5th 2019. This got me thinking, what more can I do to be of service?

As ominous as this seems that if we aren’t living in our highest purpose we would not make the cut or we are not doing our part. I can agree with the vision of creating a sacred space and mystery school and that we should know thyself and live in harmony with our highest will. This is also a gift to our future in partnership with all walks of life and cultures building bridges together in a sacred place for healing. To be in sync with the world and the seasons.

On Saturday, Ceremonies to activate the Dreamcatcher happened after weaving was finished. Each of the Elders spoke and blessed the dreamcatcher after it was raised from the body of the Light Tribe participants. The work on the Dreamcatcher went on even after the ceremonies ended. Monica Patton came in and filled cement in the holes after working all day in Community. She and her fiance Andrew Ecker facilitate drum circles that bring medicine and healing to those who can’t get to the events in the community, through their amazing vision, Drumming Sounds.  Leslie Finkle, I heard you were a rockstar and so committed to seeing this vision through. Thank you so much to everyone that I may have missed that helped see this project through and kept coming back until it was completed.

I also want to state that both of the founders Kari Wagner and Rene Kitchukova of The Soul Center and Event & Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona, apologized to me when they found out about the comments that some of the attendees and speakers made to us. They let me know that all people are welcome to the Soul Center and that the comments of the speakers and attendees do not reflect the thoughts of the Soul Center or them personally. But that because they feel so strongly about their lifestyle and the benefits of a plant diet, that most of their events there are Plant Based.

I do not have a problem with the center itself or vegans for that matter. I just don’t want anyone to be told that they aren’t doing their highest good because of what choices they make in their diet. This is a very personal area, much like people’s beliefs and most are sensitive about it. I was there to empower a sacred space and I came to weave for peace. I did not feel comfortable in participating while my heart and mind was burdened with these pains.

Sometimes the Universe Sends Us Mirrors

Sometimes when we find issue in situations, the things that we get upset with are the things that we need to observe within ourselves. I was triggered because of my recent experience with trying to live a vegan lifestyle and I am trying to process everything that happened with my health. This was the first event that we have participated in since we left the southwest. Even the whole trip back to Phoenix was a purging and cleansing cyclone for me and my husband. There was a lot of emotions that we hadn’t worked through and I was grateful to Rene and Gwen for hosting a trauma and healing workshop where we both attended and released and grounded. I could barely get off the floor when I went to get up. Thank you Rene and Gwen!

I think that there was some heyoke magic being presented to me because of the comments to try to get me to overcome and process it all and to this, I believe I received the healing I needed to move on and get some closure and come to terms with my place in the universe. I don’t want to seem as if I am blaming anyone or mad at anyone for what was said to me. Maybe this was nature’s way of forcing me to come to terms with everything. We are all part of the world and we are all on different paths in the healing process and this is transmutation in the purest form.

Weaving for the Future

For some, this shift could revive ancient wisdom and lead to peace and harmony on our planet. For others, it may not be so. Grandfather Cirilo warns that if humans do not awaken and continue to kill and pollute, a new day will not dawn. He stresses that at this time it is critical to live close to the earth and realize the connections among all of life. He is resolute about the need for unification and cultivation of respect for all humans and for nature. Being privy to these prophecies allows for adequate preparation and adjustment to sustainable, simple, and conscious living. In light of the Mayan teachings, there is ample reason to be fascinated with time, to watch the skies, and to be attentive to indigenous ways. It may be critical for our survival.

To me this means that I will not participate in war or the killing of other people. I am against all forms of warfare. I understand the integrity of the event and what mission was taking place. We all came together in unity but it left me with questions of how can we get passed this and create a solution that is compassionate and respectful to all. The indigenous culture and all cultures have lived with animals and with the consumption of plants and animals. I encourage eco-conscious decisions and making choices that are in alignment with your personal beliefs.

It did open the doorway for discussion about many older customs and traditions that are considered taboo in some communities. I feel that we are able to have open conversations about these subjects with love and that we will all find a way to work together in the future.

The Lotus Blooming Out of the Mud


The lotus flower can be found all over the world. But the start of this flowers life is not as beautiful as one might imagine. When the lotus begins to sprout underneath the water surface, where it is surrounded by the mud and the muck – with fish, insects all around and dirty, slimy stagnate conditions.  Despite these conditions, the lotus flower maintains strength, and pushes aside each of these dirty obstacles as it makes its way to clearer surfaces. The lotus grows but it is still just a stem with only a few leaves, and a small flower pod. But in time, the stem continues to grow, and the pod slowly surfaces above the water, into the clean air, finally freeing itself from the harsh life conditions below and blooming in the sun. Ironically, this same dirty water washes it clean as it surfaces. As the lotus opens each petal to the air, not a stain or spot of mud remains externally. The inner lotus too, has never seen a drop of mud or dirty water. It is pure, and bright, and beautiful.

We can all learn from the story of the lotus. Even though things may get sticky or muddy, we all can overcome such obstacles and make room to grow. I feel good about coming to support my sisters and brothers and the ancient future. I was glad to see people coming together to support what a few had the courage and vision to put together. I know that it takes a lot of time and energy to do this and I want to take a moment to honor everyone who did in any way. I am very proud of everyone who put this together and the countless people who came to give their intentions and love into this project. I support helping others and it is great for coming together for the community. Without people living guided by the love in their hearts, we wouldn’t be able to do it. So with gratitude and riding the loving vibration of unity… I see you and thank you!

Sacred Sisterhood

Sacred Sisterhood shown with Monica Patton, Nikki Starseed and Michelle Tedrick

I was happy to see the project completed and that there is a activation portal on the sacred ley lines that run through Arizona. I was not able to attend the last two days of the festival because of prior obligations and the feeling I left with on Saturday. I also wanted to say thank you to Michelle Tedrick for helping me with the finishing details of the days that I missed.

I wish I would have been able to work through all the sticky mud and come back. Jessica Marie and Eddie did make it back and Jessica said that her favorite memory from the event is when Jose showed her to how weave and she was crying from behind her sunglasses because she had remembered doing it before, in another life or a dream, and then they both taught the other people to do it and they were able to finish it.

I am happy with the service that I was able to contribute and the contributions of everyone who came together to support this mission of love.  This activation station is only the beginning. I want to bring my love and energy and support to a place that does not alienate others for not being the same as them. I hope that by speaking about this it brings awareness and in hopes that we can all find a way to compromise and not hurt each other because that takes away from the ultimate goal – which in the end is love for the future, healing and growth – and CommUNITY.

I want to stay in touch with the importance of this event, and the mission to help others that might be going through the awakening process find others on the path who are sharing similar experiences and can join with similar ideas. I don’t agree that to be the most ethical and spiritual person that you can be that you have to stop practicing your ways or that prayer and blessings over anything that died so that you may live is not sacred and therefore you are not sacred. Respect and love for all beings in the universe is our sovereign right.

The artist Chumash performed and created this awesome video collage of the Dreamcatcher experience that highlights some of the action and memories. Thank you for putting this together! I will be sharing the videos from the speakers at the events asap.

I look forward to helping with the installations of these activation stations on the east coast and wherever I am called to go because I believe in this mission for the children of the stars and all nations. Only 138 more activation stations to go! I am incredibly supportive of the work that Jose and the Dreamteam crew is doing and will do my best to help with anything that I can. I believe we do have love and support from the Soul Center and and extended family in Mesa, and that all that come will feel welcome in the future.

Honorable Mentions

I did not get a chance to learn everyone’s name and their contributions, so if I left anyone out, please don’t be offended. Let me know and I would like to include you in this article.

Here are a few more facilitators, speakers and contributors to the festival:

The open ceremony and discussion about the Aztec Calendars was lead Cuco Esperanza.

Sound Healing from the members of the fabulous Bambukah Community and Jenna Gully Yoga.

Rene Kitchukova Morris is a transformational coach and healer who uses a Quantum approach to help you integrate and heal core wounds. Rene, one of the centers founders is a transformational seminar leader, master hypnotherapist, energy worker, and Feng Shui expert

Gwendelyn Kay is a Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist specializing in Time Line Therapy and a Laughter Yoga Leader.

Shun Williams for sound and equipment, thank you for your perspective and holding space.

Lolly Be Healing, LLC is an activist, traveler and healer. She integrates teachings from indigenous and western approaches to wellness and spiritual awareness.

Dahlahk Pahtahlngee – A spirit guide and elder from Lake Tahoe, California, Thank you for guidance and wisdom and for being awesome!

Cano – Pipe Ceremony –

Theresa Joy – Vioinist

Laura Cruise – Light Language

Quirky Foible Band

NIkki Wall – Transcendental Mystic 🌀 Visionary Peace Architect 🌀 Revolutionary Humanitarian

Lolly Bee – Balancing DF and DM

Sheenya – Plant based diet

Julie Conrad – Ascension Talk

Lushanya +

Bambuka- Sound Healing

Whyld Ass vegan food

Daniel Ramos –




Gnostic Matriarchal Bishop, Templar Priestess, Energetic Therapist, Activist, and Interior Temple Decorator, Intentions Based Logo and Graphic Designer, Astrology and Tarot Consultant, Sacred Rites Facilitator and Practitioner.

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