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13 May 2019


I consider myself a universalist because I try to be inclusive of others practices and I don’t let their belief system ruin a relationship as long as they don’t cross boundaries that I have put in place to limit my suffering with narrow minded and limited beliefs. I am fine with others believing whatever one wants to believe or not believe as long as you don’t thwart the will of another being or hurt them intentionally. I usually can get along with everyone and practice a technique where whenever they say their god or belief name or source, I just play “insert name of god” and replace it with my own concept in my mind whenever they announce theirs. I don’t make a habit of sharing my beliefs because it’s really no ones business but my own. The reason I do share information is for others out there who may appreciate it and to keep documentation of the work that I am doing. To leave a type of interactive legacy.

Recently I have had several exchanges online with others who have called me low vibrational and three dimensional. Now, I don’t normally get into pissing contests with others online, but I can assure you that I have been doing grid work and vibrational work since I was in my 20’s. I have been practicing energy and inner dimensional work for as long as I can remember. I am forty years old and I have been using tuning forks, sound, light, crystals and frequency tones (entrainment) along with chakra and breath work since 2000 and everyone thought I was new age or out of my mind when I started. And now to have it trending amongst new people only to have them cast a judgmental eye at me and tell me that my energy is low and that I don’t understand because I operate in the physical plane is a quite the insult an slap in the face. Especially, since they don’t know me at all and are pretending to be seers and know and see my bad energy and putting this out publicly for the world to see. I am not going to change my personality and allow people to be shitty to me just for fear of what others will say if they see me behaving online. They are doing this manipulation so at the end of the exchange or if others see how they interacted online will want to purchase a package service to heal their body, mind or activate you. I didn’t get consecrated or activate my body and spirit to make money off of people and the only entity that I want to be in service to is the one that I have with the one that I consider in charge of things. I am not looking for a guru. I am not looking for anyone to worship or be in service to. I am not asking for services or advice either. I do not like being used for the purpose of enhancing their ego and I will call them on it every time. I see you, I see you too.

I also believe that everyone who picks up the torch, and desires to, has the ability to. But the main reason I am bringing all of this up is that I am also running into others that believe that they are the voice of god, messengers of god, angels or ascended masters and believe that only their torch and information is to be the transmission and radio broadcast that everyone should tune into. They keep saying that I have demons and an ego. Maybe I do and maybe I don’t see the ego as a bad thing. Maybe my ego protects me and allows me to retain the lessons that I have learned and is a composite of my individual self and maybe I don’t have an issue with the person that I am. Ego to me is your personality. Maybe I don’t want to join the collective hive mind. Maybe I already know I am part of it so I don’t see a need to seek it out in other people. But the issue that it’s bringing up in me is this idea that if I am not conducting myself exactly the same way you are, then it must be an issue with my ego and then it’s blamed on me personally. I am told things like negative entities and demons are attached to me and this is the source of the conflict – all me. This interaction has all to do with communication barriers, personal interpretation, filters of experience, common knowledge and terminology, or awareness. But because of all this new information that is out there giving people generalized lists on the causes for low vibrational energy from the music to you listen to, to the food you eat, to having health issues, that people are using to label, diagnose, and ostracize others.  It is creating a community of people that are trying to force their practices and beliefs on others for the sake of global unity. And then blaming everything on the demons and negative entities and nothing on how they themselves are behaving.

“Learn the difference between your ego and your true self; connect with the latter and live according to its voice, not the ego’s voice.”

Here are ten ways to distinguish between your ego and your true self:

1. Your ego is fearful; your true self is loving.
2. Your ego is usually negative and it loves “okay” and “status quo”; your true self is always positive and adventurous.
3. Your ego keeps you in the comfort zone; your true self makes you grow out of it.
4. Your ego is addictive; your true self is detached and free.
5. Your ego will want you to focus on the external and material; your true self will prefer you to stay focused on the ontological and your inner wellbeing.
6. Your ego encourages you to lose time in what was and what will be; your true self shows you the now moment as the only reality there is.
7. Your ego is a procrastinator; your true self makes things happen for you.
8. Your ego will teach you how to prefer quantity over quality; your true self will show you how to prefer quality and from there create quantity.
9. Your ego discourages you to speak your truth, it teaches conformity and mediocrity; your true self encourages you to sing your truth out loud, it teaches you to shine your unique light far and wide.
10. Your ego always needs you to prove things, it teaches you to see in order to believe; your true self acts in faith, it teaches you how to believe in order to see.

Yes, I do understand that we are all one and essentially make up the body of god and I can see myself in my fellow human being but that doesn’t mean that I am going to sit there and let you disrespect me and attack me and call me names and just not say anything. This doesn’t mean that I am a negative person and just because people are sent to test me and I have negative interactions with them, does not mean that my vibration is attracting what I am putting out there. Has it ever occurred to anyone that maybe it is a lesson and message that the other person has to deliver and they aren’t necessary negative? Some people even think that because you mention the horrible and negative in the world that you are actually manifesting and creating it by dwelling on it. To be honest, I am in a great mood until I run into someone online belittling and attacking another person with fake light and love and using their belief system to give them some sense of false power and supremacy over others. Believe and empower yourself all day but damn, it will not hurt you to try to see where another is coming from and to encourage and support others. There is no competition in self betterment or kindness to others. Why do you find it necessary to tell others that they are doing it wrong because they are not doing it the same as you? Then I become the asshole here for saying no, I won’t let you treat others this way in front of me and say that you do it with love and kindness and you are thee example of what high vibration is all about. I won’t just witness this interaction and ignore it. This is not showing unconditional love towards others.

And what’s the deal with this obsession with Love and Light and Positive vibes. Like you aren’t allowed to feel your emotions from all spectrums anymore and living in this false delusional reality that there is no darkness allowed in this world and that if you allow your mind to focus on anything that isn’t butterflies, unicorns and rainbows that there must be something wrong with you. It is wasted energy obsessing over things in the past and the pain that it caused you. It doesn’t do anyone any good, not because it is not valid, but for the simple reason that you can’t do anything to change what has happened. You can only live in this moment. It is natural to have feelings and thoughts and by doing so, that there isn’t something automatically wrong with you for having them. What I personally try to practice is not having any thoughts at all. I want to have control over my body, my thoughts and my feelings. I try not to let what others say have any effect on me, but there’s only so much bullshit I can take without expressing my feelings about it.

Last week I wrote about demons and their history and while I was dealing with all of this drama and interaction with others, I was also trying to decide what I wanted to do in relation to the next full moon. So given that this is a discussion on vibrational parasites and what can we do about it besides argue on social media about it, I decided to come up with an exercise to actually form a relationship with your demons and feed them properly. If you are interested in what I came up with, check it out.


Gnostic Matriarchal Bishop, Templar Priestess, Energetic Therapist, Activist, and Interior Temple Decorator, Intentions Based Logo and Graphic Designer, Astrology and Tarot Consultant, Sacred Rites Facilitator and Practitioner.

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