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4 nights and 3 days of Heart Core twin flame and karmic relationship workshop for singles and couples in subjects such as communication, soul mirror balancing, divine and universal responsibility, self care, tantra, healing, holistic pathways, meditation and business technology, training and empowerment workshops.



SINGLES/COUPLES: The singles session focuses on applying these techniques in relation to the self. The couples session is good for anyone who has found themselves recently engaged or are planning on moving into together or committing to a more long term situation.

GROUP: The couples or multi partner workshops focus on relation to self and in relation to another person intimately. Group presentations or one on one workshops discussing either type of relationship in regards to self are also available.


The course will be divided into the four temperaments (elements) and 4 directions, one for each night.
1. Earth – Fire – Air – Water
2. The Seven Alchemical Principles
3. 12 months of living in your highest good (one month at a time)
4. Balance the Mirror, We are the Divine reflection

The ITG Series works with you to develop skills to effectively manage your four worlds by balancing your black hole soul mirror with exercises to help you find your strengths and weaknesses. By creating a judgement free zone, this allows for a sacred space, where everyone involved has a safe and open environment to work with self and your partner(s).

Into the Garden also instructs on ways you can create these intimate and safe spheres at home and within your being. The series will also discuss diet, exercise, making healthier food, medical, mental, and environmental decisions. You can’t be there for anyone if you are not integrated and whole within your own individual self. Well being is crucial.

The key to being in your highest state of consciousness is to be one with the seat of your soul, your physical body, your heart (emotions) and mental state (awareness) of self and others.  By allowing yourself to be at one, to be anchored, balanced and in your own inner framework – instilling peace of mind. When we aren’t grounded in our person, our confidence or self direction and ability to get things done or self reliance is obstructed.

In order to be stable or anchored in self, we need to allow space and time to handle our own responsibilities, process our experiences, release our expectations and assumptions, before looking to assist others. If we can’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of anyone else? When we live life in an auto-pilot, or zombie mode are we truly living up to our fullest potential?

What are our initiatives or drive for self actualization, if all of our life processes and base functions are in disharmony and demobilized? Sometimes this makes us feel as if we are constricted. We feel stuck. Chained or tied down, but we are not, we are free to lift the chains or cut the ropes and walk away. We need to shift our perspectives for the way out of our mental traps.

With work in each of these elements, the into the Garden series will focus on partners in relationships and individual self love and care. Our goal is give a crash course in transmutational alchemy, sexual alchemy, esoteric philosophy, astrology and how it effects you emotionally and in your day to day activities.

Through the power of self care, and practicing the art of inspirational living, loving and healing the world. We can achieve our goal of being self possessed, reliant and sustainable, yet able to live in harmony with the rest of the world. We can’t change everyone but we can change how we interact and perceive the situation and make a personal effort to find your piece in the puzzle and work it out!

We will have lectures and presentation on the following subjects: nature, sustainability, technology, organic/vegan diet, the arts, the muse, social change, mindful actions, thoughts, words, expression, prayer or meditation, and how to apply it in your day to day.




My name is Tess Revolution. I am chasing sunsets and sunrises around the world. Learning directly from my personal experiences and growing as an individual from all of my journeys. I am blogging to share my stories with you, my followers, in hopes to inspire individuals from all walks of life. My main passion encompasses all healing practices. Holistic healing in all forms, the mind body and soul. Integrating western and alternative medicine together. Restoring forgotten knowledge from ancient medical practices.



aka - Shin Asherah Iustus, an Ordained Gnostic Matriarch Bishop and Templar Priestess of the Egyptian Mystery Traditions. Her interests include Art, Music, Dance, Energy Work, Astrology, Sexual Alchemy, Sexual Abuse Advocate, and Creating Universal Ceremonies as a Officiator/Celebrant of Nature Based Services. She has a love for Graphic Design, Technology, Mythology, Philosophy, Alchemy, Hermetics and Jungian Psychology - Archetypes and Shadow Healer Work. She also works in the Sexual Health & Wellness Field.



High Priestess with a Background in Massage Therapy going back 16 years. A Conduit and Amplifier with a Passion for Healing. She's here on a Soul Mission to be a Midwife for Spirituality and Rebirth. Her Goal is to Treat the Body, Mind and Soul as One. Ashley uses a Holistic Approach with Energy and Massage Therapy to Assist Others in working through their Physical or Emotional Blocks. Let Us Create a New World with Our Love and Lights Shining Bright!


Whether it is through the Expression of Self Love and Acceptance, Personal Devotional Practices or Community Based External Worship Services – Our Workshops, Private Retreats, and Community Events are Dedicated to Restoring the Balance of the Goddess and God in a Healthy Sex Positive Environment.  Our ceremonies and rites are universal and nature based for any age, believer or non-believer alike. Contact us for more information.


Workshops 90%
Retreats 85%
Soul Callings 80%

  • Initiations, Ceremonies, & Spirit Quests
  • Tantric Yoga & Chakra Gatework Workshops
  • Prayers, Mantras, Meditation & Practices
  • Sacred Union Workshops & Retreats
  • Community Services, Healing Workshops & Events

Sacred Union Workshops & Retreats are available to set up for the 2018-19 Season. If you would like to host an event, please contact us below!