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21 Aug 2018


This covers everything from energy work to cord cutting ceremonies to removing parasitic entities and blockages from the body in order for you to operate as a whole and divine being that you are.


We use many types of healing modalities to help raise our vibration. We try to keep our diet in check, exercise and breathe. Sometimes it is not enough to bring us back into alignment after a serious accident, loss of a loved one,  or health issue has occurred. Depression can occur and creates emotional and mental bondage that chains us down. Our emotions and pain leave behind muscle memory and we must clear the blockages and old, the layers, we must shed our skin like a serpent.


Integrated Energy Therapy or IET is a method that we use to removed stuck layers and blockages. It uses the power of angelic light energy that is passed down from a higher dimension. You  draw the light down and apply and pass through various areas of the body removing stuck energy. It is in-evasive and similar to reiki. With our IET service we will attune you. We will walk you through the sacred chakras and healing techniques to use your angel guides to and give you the power to clear your chakras and remove blocked or stuck energy. There are 3 attunements and they are $77 per session.

By using ancient shaman and earth oriented practices of old we are able to create a holistic approach or bridge to being in tune with the nature of the universe. We are all one. We must learn to go within and remove all of the past baggage that we carry around with us. It gets to a point where it starts weighing us down and the result are physical health problems and disease. The mind, spirit and soul work synonymously with our physical body – when one is out of sync the rest follows suit.


A cord is a negative energetic structure that ties you and another person together. When you form a relationship with a person, you make two types of connection.  The first type of connection is the spiritual, positive bond that contains energies like unconditional love, good times and lessons learned together, fondness, affection – stuff like that.  This is a positive cord that we never sever because it contains all that is good about the relationship.

The second type of connection is a negative cord – this energetic structure is very different from the positive type because it contains all the negative energies that have ever been a feature of your relationship.  For example, let’s say you have a cord to an unfaithful ex-boyfriend.  Encoded within this cord are the feelings you had when you found out he was cheating on you.  This could be feelings of paranoia, energies of inadequacy; feelings of rage.  Also encoded within the cord could be the pattern of wanting to please your boyfriend, so that he wouldn’t ever leave you.

When you split up, you may never see each other again, but the negative structure (the energy cord) between you remains.  And this cord that connects you two contains those unhelpful patterns and dynamics: rage, inadequacy, paranoia; keeping quiet and pleasing others at your own expense.

Even though you feel like you should have moved on from the relationship, those energies circulate between you both and still affect you.  For example, you still think of your ex-partner and you still feel resentful and angry. Perhaps when you get into a different relationship, you feel the same old paranoia.  And things that happen remind you of the old relationship – even though it bears no resemblance, in reality.  This happens because those negative energies from the cord are flowing into your aura 24/7 and affecting your ability to move on; or feel, think and act differently.

This relationship is just one (dramatic) example. You can form cords with literally anyone you have (or have had) a meaningful relationship with, and each one is draining in its own way. This can be done in person or astrally. We will come together and go through your past trauma events which may show up as black or dark cords.

Cord Cutting and Energetic Line Removal: $77


Inhale, belly. Inhale, heart. Exhale, breath. Linking ancient emotion with physical intention like gentle surgery on all of the deep wounds left wide open. This space in the lower abdomen, energetically, is the harbor for our insecure thoughts and old traumas to swim in circles, sometimes for decades. What we resist persists, and it rises when we speak to it.

Pranayama is the magic of conjuring – states of being, deep releasing, the necessary melting-into consciousness that we so deeply crave when we notice we’re feeling alone.

It is the allowing of the very essence of life force to flow in a very conscious way – rather than many instances where, without knowing it, perhaps, we allow for the magic to simply carry us. Much like the heart beating, effortlessly, the filling of the lungs transpires all on its own.

Daily, moment to moment, the body is breathing itself. We need not do anything, but with conscious use, we are capable of many things. In an alchemical way, we can turn our dark matter into breath, to flow with breath, to release with breath.  On the conscious exhale, the willingness to sit with the rising up, we become capable of the letting go of weights. We held them so strongly that we had no idea just how heavy we were, until we’re floating.

Conscious Breathwork Workshop: $77


If you want to learn the ancient wisdom of the Ancestors you will find it in our simple recipes or kits. If you need guidance and solutions to the problems of daily living, you need look no further than your kitchen cabinet or backyard for answers. We will teach you to see the world through a different set of lenses, one that is simpler, more effective and one in which YOU are in control.

Rootwork is a living tradition currently practiced and passed along by word of mouth, imitation, and observation over time and space within groups, such as family, ethnic, social class, regional, and others. It evolved out of a conglomeration of African Traditional Religions (ATRs) brought to American shores with the slave trade. The words Hoodoo and conjure are often used interchangeably with rootwork to denote various forms of African-based ethnobotanical, folk magic systems, medicinal healing and hexing through the use of herbs, roots, bones, and stones. Our course covers the gamut of how to create floor washes to wash away negativity and spiritual baths to bring luck and opportunity.

We will teach you about conjure at the crossroads and how to set up a variety of altars and how to work them. We introduce you to little known secrets of conjure designed to improve your situation, whatever the situation, because Rootwork is a solution-focused system of knowledge and way of life based on the ancient wisdom of our ancestors.

This course delves deep into the African and Native American mystical roots of the core practices of rootwork and traces its evolution through the Diaspora into its contemporary expression today. Rootwork is comprised of a deep well of information we believe is essential for the development and advancement of individuals entering the rootwork-based healing and magical arts profession (i.e. conjure doctoring, spiritual doctoring, rootworking, rootdoctoring, etc.), continuing their education, or who are seeking personal and spiritual growth.

Rootworking Courses & Kits: $55



Gnostic Matriarchal Bishop, Templar Priestess, Energetic Therapist, Activist, and Interior Temple Decorator, Intentions Based Logo and Graphic Designer, Astrology and Tarot Consultant, Sacred Rites Facilitator and Practitioner.

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