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21 Aug 2018


The moment your infinite soul fractal embodies, your divine block in the chain of the Cosmic God (awareness of Love) DNA Spiral takes on certain characteristics, translated as “Galactic Signature,” or the specific energies that God (you) has chosen to embody. The energies that you embody are determined by the star alignment, and the characteristics of those energies are what make up the “tribes,” or Solar Seals. The Lunar tones, or “harmonics,” have different frequencies, therefore when the harmonics converge, every energy plays it’s role in the galactic symphony that humanity is beginning to realize. The 20 Solar Seals and 13 Lunar tones have been created by the ancient future civilizations of the Realtime and Dreamtime Galactic Mayans.

As humanity collectively anchors this new consciousness, or epiphany of infinity, to the planet, our starseed destiny is realized (well, we’re made out of the same materials as stars) and we begin our journey back to Unity, in surrender to healing, transformation (alchemy) and love.. Once the implications of infinity (eternal life) are fully realized, naturally, humanity would let nothing stop them from uniting in love. Why? Because of the realization that according to universal law, energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can be moved and transformed. That means that if humanity is not conscious, (aware), humanity has made the decision to continue it’s own suffering. As humanity regains its hold on it’s own fate, we begin individually and collectively being the change we want to see, and become one with all that is.

Personalized Destiny Oracle readings provide an in depth explanation of the specific characteristics of the energy that you embody at the core. It also determines what surrounding energies create the highest and most divine expression of your unique soul truth. After a personalized destiny oracle reading, you’ll feel empowered and aware. Reflecting and meditating upon the feelings or vibrations (you’re energy, don’t forget), of your unique Oracle will instantly create a dynamic energetic shift that puts you in resonance with the Galactic Heart. Once in resonance with the Galactic Heart, your 3D Matrix will look more and more like heaven.

Using your personal Galactic Signature and that of another, Jessica Marie can calculate the Trinity, or the Third energy that your combined energies produce, or co-create. This provides a Galactic, Holy, and Elegant template for relationships, as it provides key points of focus to navigate, shine your brightest, and play your most beautiful song with the other energies (people) in your proximity. It also provides key points for recognizing what would be the best and most divine expression of your relationship, along with what energies will be of assistance, potential challenges, and how to overcome (alchemize), the challenges.

Personal Destiny Oracle Readings: $33
Trinity Oracle Readings: $55

Jessica Marie

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