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05 Apr 2019


Vedic Astrology refers to Indian or Hindu astrology, a system that originated in ancient India and which was documented by sages in the Vedic scriptures. Also known as “Jyotish”—the science of light—Vedic astrology deals with astral light patterns, planetary energies and frequencies that are thought to determine our destiny.


Astrology is the science of the effects of planetary movements on our lives. Astrology is based on astronomy, and astrologers need to know the correct positions of the planets among the fixed stars at any given time, as well as the correct positions of the zodiacal fixed star signs in relation to any place on earth at any given time. Once the correct positions of the signs and planets are known, astrologers can construct charts representing these positions. Using knowledge, the astrologer can study the charts and can make a wide range of conclusions about the moment the chart was cast for. Primarily, astrology is used to understand one’s self and our karma for this life.


The basic premise of this astrology is that all things are linked. Your karma or fortune is determined by a predestined cosmic design. You are a soul incarnating in a body at a very specific time and place, and your life is a reflection of the greater whole into which you are born, just as flowers bloom at certain times, when all conditions are perfectly congenial. So is the case with our births on this planet, according to the theory of karma.  In Jyotish, the main item is your chart. It’s a map of the planets in the signs of the zodiac. Charts are cast based on an exact moment at an exact place on earth. Therefore, the moment you were born and the place you were born has a chart, which is known as your “birth chart” or “natal chart”.


New Moons happen when Luna is positioned between the Earth and the Sun. As such, the “dark side” of the Moon is lit and she becomes invisible. In astrology, the New Moon always occurs in the same sign as the Sun—for example, when the Sun is in Aries from March 21 – April 19.  The New Moon that takes place during those 30 days will also be in Aries. In ancient zodiac and calendar systems, the time of Aries is also considered the New Year.  New Moons and New Years are thought of as starting points, moments to plant seeds that we’ll harvest six months later, under the light of the Full Moon in the same sign. For example, the New Moon in Gemini always takes place in late May/early June. The Full Moon in Gemini comes half a year later in late November/early December. So I thought this would be a great time to do a readings to help focus on the soul’s purpose and what is to come for the next few months.

The birthdate and time for this reading is October 7, 1978 and time is 6:51 am CST.  In astrology language, your Sun sign dictates your zodiac personality, while your Moon sign, the second most important influence in your horoscope chart after the Sun, represents your emotions, your inner mood. And the two together strongly influence your emotional mode of operation.

Your rising sign is your first house influence and represents the way others see you, your general impression on people, and your spontaneous reactions. It reflects the Zodiacal sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon the moment you were born.

Ascendant is VIRGO 17 – Internal dialogue in which self and world are constantly discovering where they stand with each other. Having no pretense or guile. Speaking to each one in the way you speak to yourself, in the way you speak to everything. No rituals, no ceremony, no special cases. Unvarnished honesty and truth. Intent on getting at what is underneath, what is inside. You penetrate right through the personality, the ego-mind, without thinking about it. Knowing that life needs a voice and that being that voice is natural and inevitable. You feel close to the ground, basic, and foundational. Not very nice, not very easy-going. The pure straight-shooter, as real as can be, and almost too much so. You are the reminder of how it would be if we stayed with integrity and conviction and threw out the rest.

Your Sun sign is easy to determine, through your day and month of birth and this is your outward personality that the world sees, it’s how you shine. This is a down to earth, practical and logical alignment.

Sun is VIRGO 20 – When you place a spiritual/cosmic perspective upon every single little thing that happens, you will either overshoot the mark or discover perfect meaning. The overshooting of the mark happens when the little mind and the greater mind become warped in their relativities. Proportion tumbles before pregnant magnitude. Everything is sprinkled with archetypal overtones. Perfect meaning arises here when the truth is the yardstick and you simply align yourself with the truth in a non-dogmatic fashion. The spirit of discovery becomes the spur. The unknown makes the known precious and poignant. You finally get it right that every microcosmic situation is a jewel in the making, and only needs to be appreciated and boosted by faithful beholding. The passage is from thinking about it to becoming at home within the path of bringing all worlds together, just as the occasion makes possible, with a light touch and an easy grasp of the reins.

Your Moon – controls your emotions and it is what powers your intentions and energy to all your interactions and projects. Since the Moon is affected by Pluto with scorpio’s watery influence, its a shadowy type of connection that works with the mysteries, hidden emotions, and the subconscious mind.

Moon is SCORPIO 25 – The analytical disposition carried to its furthest extreme. Life itself is barely valued. Individual survival is no issue. What counts is the truth, but sometimes it is a strange truth. A little bit too skeletal and stark and surreal to be a basis for ongoing life. In touch with dark truths, and at times abandoned to the power of death currents of a negative kind. Magnetically attracted to decadent thinking and distorted worlds. Supercharged with an almost random desire to find out what is in there. Clinical, quasi-objective, and piercing. You feel a great need to wake up out of the trance of fate and of darkness to learn to feel again, to have things matter, to have life prevail, and to return to yourself as a sentient being who deserves to be here free and clear.

Your Venus placement is how you love and express your love – this is what is in your heart. Since this is expressed as Air and Venus it’s a mentally and spiritually stimulated style of love.

Venus is LIBRA 27 – Pursuing what is desired and nothing else. Probing, waiting, stalking, strategically watching for openings. One-pointedly intent upon grabbing and holding what you lost somewhere and must find again. Going for reminders, facsimiles, totems. Hungry for proof that it is there, that it is possible. Alone forever. You are deeply seeking the other side of yourself, the inner partner, the true motivating spark. You have gotten lost in the dark, identified with the one who needs and lacks, the one who is broken fragments of experience. But you are hot on the track of any signs that your love essence can be found in another, in a situation, or within yourself. You search everywhere and come up empty. The one inside will be there, when the outer versions cannot sate your hunger, and as a last resort you feel into your own solitary spaces, willing to meet whoever is there and love them with all your heart.

Your Mercury placement indicates how you communicate, how you apply your actions and intentions, and how your thoughts manifest in the world around you.

Mercury is VIRGO 25 – Knowing who you are, with your own greater self right there standing above you, showing you the way. Impressing the mark of advanced selfhood upon everything in sight, you are clear as a bell that you must hold true to your nature. This life’s journey is sensed as a true biography, a story for the ages which completes itself and comes back to the beginning at the next octave. Knowing beyond knowing the nature of the quest, and being especially aware of the how of each little step to pass this on. It is a delicate matter to know this much. Many who attain this point will employ their conscious mind to cover all this up and generate a busy outer facade. However, the substantive attunement to the mysteries cannot be missed by any angel, and suggests that this is a culminating and a consummate way of being which speaks from the vital center and is there beyond all attempts to throw it off.


Your Mars placement indicates your drive, ambition and will. This is how you resolve conflicts with others. 

Those born with Mars in Libra in their natal chart are of course balanced and caring, however, there is an edge to their behavior, one that turns them into very ambitious characters when they really want something. These people are all about relationships they have developed in the past and tend to stick to people. Where many prefer to take action and after apologize, Mars Libras would never do anything without asking for permission. The Mars in Libra can be a paradox because the Libra wants nothing else but peace, while Mars is the planet or war. So, you might be inclined to think that Mars Libras are nothing else than peaceful warriors. It can be challenging for a person to handle these two opposing forces, especially since the Libra is positioned opposite from the Mars-ruled Aries on the zodiac wheel.

Mars is LIBRA 18 – Taking outward phenomena literally. The utmost in naïveté. You wander into every trap and pitfall with eyes wide open, wanting so badly for everything to add up and to make sense. Lacking a strong center of selfhood. Impressionable to received ideas and at the mercy of conditionings, wanting only to please and to make everybody happy, you are held within the circle of consensus agreement. Behaving in such exemplary fashion that it is too good to be true. All is from the outside in. Lessons in outlasting what you take on, and in showing up after being so far gone that nobody knew where to find you.

Your Jupiter is how you achieve wealth and power and what you do with it. If you believe in luck, fate or destiny – this planet controls all of that. It is also associated with higher learning and abstract thinking. Your Jupiter placement is usually considered your boon or gifts. This particular influence is a watery Jupiter full of deep seated, strong and powerful emotions.

Jupiter is Cancer 12 – The analytical intellect takes as its special province the after image, the recapitulative view. Second-guessing yourself, criticizing, cutting things up. You are expertly skillful at showing things the way they are on the surface – an extraordinary genius in this domain can evolve. Cooling off partisan sentiment and getting at what is there. Devoid of idealistic projections. Sticking to the facts. Designing life as an experiment in which you must pay very close attention and miss nothing. heart is cut out, the human element is eliminated. Is it an advance or a regressive loop? Do some things just have to be this way? Is the world a stark and barren place to be? And is there a path directly under this icy intellect to recover the soul in things to the mind’s satisfaction and the spirit’s release?

Your Saturn placement usually indicates your relationships with father figures or divine masculine, it is shows your discipline, how you deal with rules, regulation, and authority in general. Leo is represented by the Sun so this is ruled by the element of fire – usually passionate against the use of force in these areas. 

Saturn is LEO 15 – To be quintessentially yourself in so many different directions is to be big, impressive, and very dramatic. Your individuality is blessed with innate gifts and treasures unlimited, an embarrassment of riches. The outward temptation is to play this up and use it up. The inward path is to develop it into ripe and mature full-on individual genius. However, it takes an advanced soul to be able to move steadily with such intoxicating qualities. And it takes the utmost in sincerity, simplicity, and core presence to just be there while having loads of outstanding, amazing attributes to show and share and give forth freely, with such royal stature and destiny.

Rahu is a shadowy planet. It is the north node of the Moon, the point of intersection of the respective paths of Sun and Moon. In Hindu mythology, it is referred to as the head of the Dragon. Rahu is everything that defies the accepted norms of society. It is a rebellious planet and hates authority, which is why it never gets along with Sun. Mischief, deception and secrecy are some of its key attributes. Rules are nowhere to be found in its dictionary. It represents the dark side of us. 

The Rahu and Ketu are the opposite of each other – like two ends to a pole. To understand more about this Virgo/Pisces combination, click here.

Rahu is VIRGO 2 – Out of phase with the personal ego-mind, in phase with the greater laws, you are absolutely forced to stay put, to sit tight, to watch and listen and say and do as little as possible. A fair witness to what is happening all around, with no personal vantage point. Being a truth vessel – perfectly designed to hold the truth and nothing but. Uncomprehending of perversity and corruption, and naive to all radical distortion, but you are surpassingly aware of what is good and what is true and of the ways in which the greater laws are being played out in this world. Gifted in observing and appreciating how the Divine Will prevails, how the light penetrates the darkness. Simply there to be with the constructive and the upbuilding energies and forces. The pure idealist in the perfect position to be strictly transparent.

Ketu, the South Node of the Moon means a “sign”, or a “banner” in Sanskrit. If Rahu is the planet of worldly desire, then Ketu is the planet of otherworldly desire, or spirituality. Ketu represents the spiritual process of evolution, or the refinement of materialization to spirit.

Ketu is PISCES 2 – The master of disguises. Shape-changing as a whole way of life. The question of identity as a baffling mystery, a riddle of destiny. Becoming so many things, whatever feels emphatic, impressive, and in keeping with the subtle fluids of the situation, you are transported by a plastic, formative nature into realms you would never access if you were straight and simply sincere. Tricks within tricks. Worlds within worlds. Captured by the uncanny power of turning yourself into the perfect live model of a given way of being. Deep down inside you witness everything that happens, amazed to be getting away with it, and waiting to be unveiled in the fullness of time when the cycle is over and you must find another place to hide, unless you are finally ready to let yourself be.

Uranus is rules the unknown and surprises – the house of your inner weird, your personality that no one really sees – it represents what is under the surface.

Uranus is LIBRA 21 – A mobius strip of yes into no into yes. Yes is primally the eager embrace of sense-life in a rapture of release. The No is not being able to handle, even remotely, the social repercussions of being viscerally empowered. The further Yes is at last being able to embrace unreservedly the self that got lost in the world and the world that got lost in the self. Until this final reckoning the No wreaks havoc. You thrash around in a frenzy of trying to spin away from reflected images and impressions. You just cannot bear to hold still and be pinned by ideas about who you are and who your are not. An elemental power in spiral vortex action seeks to consume all false selves and to become so authentic that each breath of experience is purely there with no interpretive filter whatsoever. This power ultimately brings everybody to the point of no longer putting up with being trapped in shallow frequencies and bursts everything open, or else is willing to die trying.

Neptune rules your dreams and visions and your psychic receptivity – your relationship with these areas and the supernatural.

Neptune is SCORPIO 22 – You take everything you experience in all its roughage, just as it is. And you form a vessel that is hardy and strong and enduring and you put all of yourself into it, you leave nothing out. With fervor and intent, you put in there all the darkness and every difficult emotion you have got. For you are the quintessential example of what it has been like around here and how it feels. The collective karmas choose carefully those who can merge with what everybody is going through and by sheer guts take it further, perhaps toward mutational breakthrough. To qualify, you have to grind yourself to bits with rude honesty, even at your own expense. Because this is how it is, no shortcuts, no easy answers. Emotionally, this is the depth experience at its most intense. But there is an evolutionary drive of overwhelming power pushing you through the worst. And along this pathway you will definitely find out what you are made of and what has been stopping everybody and whether you have it in you to start things off again in a different direction in the Earth crucible, with no place to hide.

Pluto rules the underworld or our shadow aspects. It is our relationship with the creation/destruction of things that serve you. How you make things and how you let go of them when things have served purpose. It represents our attachment to life and death.

Pluto is VIRGO 23 – Knowing beyond knowing what is real and what counts. Commonsensical, good, and true. Containing so much knowledge and wisdom that you bear the record of all that is worthwhile in human evolution. Fascinating and extraordinary insights, realizations, and observations–an independent way of seeing. Integrity and conviction, sterling and impressing–a perfect grasp of essentials. Dedication to holding faithful to the earth and her ways. You have an almost abrasive style of sticking to your guns and making it clear what is correct and furthering and what is not. Tremendous mentality demanding self-command to harness and make effective and helpful. willing to do the work. Always prepared.

Chiron is the supernatural gifts or suppressed nature.

Chiron is ARIES 15 – Super tuned in. The personification and embodiment of what it looks like, feels like, and is like to have an inside track on everything going on around you. Uncanny awareness. You have the gift of getting across new ways of being, different ways of looking at things. Somehow getting away with being so very different that it no longer matters. Hot-wired to wild and uncomfortable truths. You have special radar for undertones and nuances, motivations and signs of what is going on underneath. The direct front row seat upon who the other is and the challenges and opportunities the other brings before you, when you are ready and eager for the encounter and you know you can always find a way to move with absolutely anything that might arise.

Kali or Persephone aspect is the polarity to your Pluto – Planet X or ancient divine feminine energies.

Kali is CANCER 10 – Great disruption serves long-term continuity. By submitting yourself periodically to excruciating soul ordeals, to severe tests and trials, you make sure that your destiny is self-renewing. You pull in, at these junctures, what is alien or strange or far removed from your own way of being; by suffering the imposition of the dark stranger, you completely shake up all smug structures. Much of your life is keyed into enduring under onslaught, being able to form yourself into one who can encompass absolutely anything. The path indicated is neither chaotic nor random. It is sharply pointed to take on experiences and lessons that are needed and to fully transmute the karmic sequences. You have a core commitment to tackling the hard stuff with a fury of intent that is just enough to make the whole thing work, revealing that you can do the impossible if your will is singular and your inner strength to go the distance is as solid and real as any obstacle, and even more so.

Yod is the astrological formation of two astral bodies (luminaries, planets, asteroids, et cetera) or calculated points (such as midheaven) sextile (60°, 1/6 the zodiac compass) to each other and a third quincunx / inconjunct (150°, 5/12 the zodiac compass) to them both. Because the third placement is around opposite the midpoint of the other two, connecting their placements on a single wheel with lines creates an isosceles triangle. However, it is inaccurate to assert that all isosceles triangles in astrological charts are yods. For example, the midpoint semi-sextile (30° separated) to both the sextile (60° separated) points would also form an isosceles triangle with it, but would be semi-sextile to the other two instead of quincunx/inconjunct to them.

Yod is GEMINI 10 – Blows of fate. Acts of God. Abrupt awakenings to what was suspected but naively denied. You become drastically aware of all that was hidden, and jump to conclusions. The gathering of events to prove a point, to generate a change, to draw it all out. Curiosity, probing. Yet as well, casual oblivion and riding high in euphoric assumptions. Setting yourself up for turnarounds, epiphanies, metanoia. The leap over the edge into the dark from the light that reveals the other side of life can generate cynicism and negative feedback loops, by the implication that behind every shining wonder there lies its reverse shadow image. The mind proving itself right and falling down its own hole.

Your Lilith or Black Moon placement indicates your hidden sexual desires.

Lilith is CANCER 5  – Getting lost and getting found. Shadowed by self all the way. Sent upon a cycle of radical externalization and almost being able to pull it off. Yet you are shadowed, haunted, bugged, and sabotaged by the strangest things. Fate speaks loud and clear and says, “You are doing all this for a purpose, and your expression is pushing so far outward for good reason. But you must remember, get sobered and humbled, be tripped up by what you don’t see and won’t let yourself feel.” Superstitious and peripherally aware of just about everything. Concentrated upon self-intent with ferocious striving insistency. Needing to accomplish concrete external goals and needing to find them to be no longer enough. Pursuing yourself beyond the immediate drama so that soul can restore wholeness, just where persona gets swept away by how easy and natural it is to fill your world with your own ideas and sensibility.


My friend who had the reading and I both agree that these descriptions were spot on and serve as a type of mantra for that aspect of the self. These are great for anyone who wants a personal, intimate look at their planets and if they are considering a relationship or business deal with another person they may want to consider a compatibility reading. This is also a good way to get in touch with your soul’s purpose, your mission and heart’s desire in alignment with the planets of your birth.

If you’re interested in getting this super accurate style of reading please contact me here or on Facebook and we can set up a time to do your chart and reading. Understanding your planets and placements can help you understand how the energy of these planets and cycles influence you.






Gnostic Matriarchal Bishop, Templar Priestess, Energetic Therapist, Activist, and Interior Temple Decorator, Intentions Based Logo and Graphic Designer, Astrology and Tarot Consultant, Sacred Rites Facilitator and Practitioner.

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