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24 Aug 2018


Joining me today in discussion is illustrator, astrologer and healer, David Aronson from Alchemical Wedding. We discuss his artwork and methods he uses with the psyche and anime in his illustrations.

The Holocaust Series

Listen:   Download: Season 1 Episode 4


The Eros photo below is from the Erotic Series of illustrations and is one of my favorites. We discuss some of the imagery in the interview. This particular picture reminds me of our primal expression during sex. We tap into our animal natures at times and when we can let go we call and invoke the power of our animal ancestors.


Anima originated from Latin, and was originally used to describe ideas such as breath, soul, spirit or vital force. Jung began using the term in the early 1920s to describe the inner feminine side of men.

One danger was of what Jung termed “invasion” of the conscious by the unconscious archetype – “Possession caused by the anima…bad taste: the anima surrounds herself with inferior people”. Jung insisted that “a state of anima possession…must be prevented. The anima is thereby forced into the inner world, where she functions as the medium between the ego and the unconscious, as does the persona between the ego and the environment”.


Animus originated from Latin, where it was used to describe ideas such as the rational soul, life, mind, mental powers, courage or desire. In the early nineteenth century, animus was used to mean “temper” and was typically used in a hostile sense. In 1923, it began being used as a term in Jungian psychology to describe the masculine side of women.


Eros 01

Eros 01

Jungians warned that “every personification of the unconscious – the shadow, the anima, the animus, and the Self – has both a light and a dark aspect….the anima and animus have dual aspects: They can bring life-giving development and creativeness to the personality, or they can cause petrification and physical death”.

Alternatively, over-awareness of the anima or animus could provide a premature conclusion to the individuation process – “a kind of psychological short-circuit, to identify the animus at least provisionally with wholeness”. Instead of being “content with an intermediate position”, the animus seeks to usurp “the self, with which the patient’s animus identifies. This identification is a regular occurrence when the shadow, the dark side, has not been sufficiently realized”.



Spirit Helpers

Spirit Helpers

This particular image reminded me of the Hopi Kachina spirit helpers. I kind of look at it as if they are the invisible guides and spirits that take over the psyche when you need help in your earthly body. This is similar to the visions I have had when working with these particular guides.

Spirit Helpers

Non-human spirit guides including deities, spirit animals, land spirits, plant and mineral spirits, and angelic beings may make themselves known as allies in helping you live your soul’s purpose in life.

Ancestral spirit guides both ancient and recently deceased who embodied qualities it serves you to express in this lifetime may appear to provide clarity and guidance as to what those qualities are and how best to work with them.

The last image we discuss is The Sun. This image reminded me of a rising of power and coming into your own. There is a lot of Leo or solar energy displayed in this image. The orange and blue flashing colors is symbolic of the polarities between shadow and light.

Sun King

Sun King


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