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21 Sep 2018


A few nights ago, I was honored with a very beautiful dream that I’d like to share.

It was the middle of the night and I, along with 4 others, were out searching in the night. The stars were radiating brightly in the sky, the breeze was warm and gentle on my skin. The air smelled of tropics, and brimmed with excitement. On and on we traveled, until we arrived at a great hidden temple in the middle of the jungle.

We climbed higher and higher, the ancient stone lighting up as we walked, as if someone had come and installed light fixtures. We were moving in a square fashion upwards, around the sides like an upward spiral. When we reached the very top, there was a platform with 2 large stone slabs that I knew were tombs.

With another member of the party, we managed to slide the top of one of the tombs off, revealing a small slit that entered into the top of the temple.. and I knew. Ashes were inside. Instantly in that moment I knew that they were the remains of the Children… and not just any Children.

These were the remains of the Star Children.

In a rush of gold dust that rushed into the night, I knew that they were free.

The next morning, my baby girl awoke happily singing in her bed, calling me. “Mommy, mommy!” she sang. I went to pick her up out of her crib and she smiled at me and started clapping, and for the first time she said the word “happy.”

Later that day, I found out that astronomical observatories around the world were being “shut down,” to the public, due to what appeared to be small orbs or “ships,” floating near the sun.


To honor the Star Children, we at Holy Synergia would like to perform a special live ceremony on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 9:44 pm EST.This will honor and celebrate their release, the Full Moon, the White Wind wavespell (Lloydine Bolon lk, Galactic Divine Feminine), and our collective ascension into higher dimensions.

Ongoing Participation

Algol star

After the ceremony we invite you to participate for the next 30 days in prayer each day to help release the children of the stars and to also help us facilitate a healing to all of the innocent children who are currently or have been victims of sexual abuse or trafficking. This is our call to heal and release this trauma. Join us each night at 9:44 pm EST by looking towards the Perseus constellation and looking for the brightest star of Lilith – Algol. Each night stand with us to help clear this energy and send the children of the stars back their energy so they can all heal and find their way back to whole or home.

You may opt to write and create your own prayer/mantra. It can be as simple as an intention or affirmation to an intense heartfelt invocation.


For all the lost children in this world please create a place for them that is safe and healing.

For all who are lost in the darkness allow them to find their way back to the light.

For all of who have been lost may they find the abundance and security they need.

Gather under the loving embrace of your eternal mother.

Jessica Marie

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