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Holy Synergia is an Online Expression of a Living Temple of Venus Genetrix. Our Focus is on Bringing the Divine Feminine and Masculine Back into Balance allowing Harmony with Heart and Hearth. Allowing You to Heal and Restore Yourself and Relationships by Embracing in Divine Union of the Sacred Alchemical Marriage with your Beloved.



HOLY: Consecrated, sacred, godly; ecclesiastical. From Proto-Germanic *hailaga or hellig. Meaning hole, uninjured – that must be preserved whole or intact. An act that cannot be transgressed or violated. Health, happiness, and good luck.

SYNERGIA: Cooperation. From Modern Latin and Greek synergia. Meaning joint work, a working together, cooperation; assistance, help. From synergos meaning working together, or help another in work. Combined activities of a group, or advanced effectiveness as a result of cooperation.


This Intimate Ascension Process Begins with Self-Reflection of the Soul Mirror.
Our Expression of Love and How We Are Loved Manifests in Life.
It Provides the Blue Print for Our Intentions in Our Creations.
It Determines How we Interact or Perceive Others – Your Heart Mirrors to the World.
What We Give to the Each Other (World) is What We Get Back.



My name is Tess Revolution. I am chasing sunsets and sunrises around the world. Learning directly from my personal experiences and growing as an individual from all of my journeys. I am blogging to share my stories with you, my followers, in hopes to inspire individuals from all walks of life. My main passion encompasses all healing practices. Holistic healing in all forms, the mind body and soul. Integrating western and alternative medicine together. Restoring forgotten knowledge from ancient medical practices.



aka - Shin Asherah Iustus, an Ordained Gnostic Matriarch Bishop and Templar Priestess of the Egyptian Mystery Traditions. Her interests include Art, Music, Dance, Energy Work, Astrology, Sexual Alchemy, Sexual Abuse Advocate, and Creating Universal Ceremonies as a Officiator/Celebrant of Nature Based Services. She has a love for Graphic Design, Technology, Mythology, Philosophy, Alchemy, Hermetics and Jungian Psychology - Archetypes and Shadow Healer Work. She also works in the Sexual Health & Wellness Field.



High Priestess with a Background in Massage Therapy going back 16 years. A Conduit and Amplifier with a Passion for Healing. She's here on a Soul Mission to be a Midwife for Spirituality and Rebirth. Her Goal is to Treat the Body, Mind and Soul as One. Ashley uses a Holistic Approach with Energy and Massage Therapy to Assist Others in working through their Physical or Emotional Blocks. Let Us Create a New World with Our Love and Lights Shining Bright!


Whether it is through the Expression of Self Love and Acceptance, Personal Devotional Practices or Community Based External Worship Services – Our Workshops, Private Retreats, and Community Events are Dedicated to Restoring the Balance of the Goddess and God in a Healthy Sex Positive Environment.  Our ceremonies and rites are universal and nature based for any age, believer or non-believer alike. Contact us for more information.


Workshops 90%
Retreats 85%
Soul Callings 80%

  • Initiations, Ceremonies, & Spirit Quests
  • Tantric Yoga & Chakra Gatework Workshops
  • Prayers, Mantras, Meditation & Practices
  • Sacred Union Workshops & Retreats
  • Community Services, Healing Workshops & Events

Sacred Union Workshops & Retreats are available to set up for the 2018-19 Season. If you would like to host an event, please contact us below!